Second Transnational Project Meeting of the SUSTOUR-MED in Greece

Second Transnational Project Meeting of the SUSTOUR-MED in Greece

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The Second Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) of the SUSTOUR-MED project was held in Athens, Greece, with partners from July 3rd to July 5th, 2023. During the meeting, discussions were conducted to advance project tasks and promote sustainable tourism.

During the three-day event, participants engaged in dynamic discussions, exchanging ideas, and sharing their expertise. The collaborative atmosphere fostered open communication, leading to a wealth of valuable feedback and innovative suggestions. These contributions are expected to refine the project's strategies. 

The meeting also served as a pivotal point to establish clear timelines for future tasks and deliverables. By setting realistic deadlines, the project aims to maintain momentum and ensure that initiatives progress smoothly toward their intended outcomes.

Beyond the productive meeting sessions, attendees had the opportunity to explore the wonders of Athens. The city's historical significance was palpable as participants visited iconic landmarks that have withstood the test of time. Moreover, sampling local delicacies offered a taste of Greece's culinary delights, making the experience even more memorable.

As the SUSTOUR-MED project gains traction, the collective efforts and dedication of its partners promise to make a positive and sustainable impact on tourism practices in the Mediterranean region. The team remains committed to fostering responsible tourism and preserving the cultural heritage that makes this part of the world truly unique. Stay tuned for further updates as the project continues its journey toward a more sustainable and prosperous future for Mediterranean tourism.